Monday, March 14, 2011

Shoot your load down my gaping piss slit

The sling was swinging as Darrell nailed my asshole with a dildos the sized of a large bedpost, Butt slamming my asshole as hard, getting way up into my rectum.  It was the same scene for the past 30 days, the three guys working my rectum, sounding out my piss slit so they could cum in my round gaping pee hole. Darrell and John would tage team my asshole and sound out my piss slit in unison. They guys were getting into a good rythm.
"Oh fuck yea, nail my asshole and piss slit guys, yur gonna milk another load out again" I said, watching in the mirror, as darrell stroked the huge monster in and out of my rectum, punching the hole. The three guys would stroke there meat hard and not cum. They would save there cum shot for my gapping piss slit.
It was the same scene for the past 20 days, get my asshole destroyed while john worked up to the cigarette thick sound. Once he had is stroking nice, my piss slit would gape out and become round open hole, not even slit shaped. When the guys needed to cum, John would removes the sound, hold my gaping pee hole open with his fingers as another guy would place his cock head on the open slit, and shoot his load down my pee shaft, then watch it bubble out. Sometime double or even triple cum shots down the cock shaft. John would pull the sound out, quickly put his head at the gaping piss shole and blast a load down my shaft. Then darrell would quickly place his cock and that sent the second load down my slit. Then they would re-sound me real deep and work my tied off nuts until I came, spewing all there cum from the side of the buried sound.